Leonie will gladly accept commissions for drawings and paintings. These can be done in pencil, pen and ink, pastel, watercolour and acrylic on board or canvas. A commissioned piece is a highly personal piece created just for the client. Leonie takes great pride in her work and the outcome for the client and will work with you to create your personal piece of art.

Drawings are done with professional pencils on high quality archival paper. Drawings should be framed under glass and away from sunlight. Leonie can organise framing for the client.

Time and prices are highly variable and Leonie will discuss with you what you want and explain the process further. A tiny piece that is highly detailed can be as time consuming as a large piece. Great detail on a large piece may take months. Most commissioned art can be completed within a few months, and while the aim is efficiency, Leonie is unwilling to sacrifice quality for time.

Subjects accepted for commissions include birds, dogs, rodeo subjects, sheep, cattle, goats, western art. Portraiture can be discussed. Where Leonie cannot take her own reference photos, quality source material will need to be provided.

For further ideas on size and prices, you will need to contact the artist. Once a piece is complete and accepted, then any shipping and organised framing must be born by the client. Deposits if taken are non refundable.


Portraits can be done in pencil, pastel or acrylic, from your own photos. Preferably several photos are required showing the face in different lights so the artist can get a true feel for the subjects skin tones and face structure. A good light source is required, usually from one side or the other but it can also be from behind and to the side. Full frontal lighting does not normally make for a good painting. Photos submitted must not be from a professional photographer unless written permission is supplied.

Prices and sizes and styles for portraits are negotiable, depending on complexity and whether background is required, however, due to the particular demands of a portrait, $500 is the lowest price a portrait will be commissioned for. Making a portrait smaller, does not save money, it actually makes it more complex to do.

Commissions are taken on a 20% non refundable deposit once agreement is reached and the artist will stay in touch during the painting process and discuss any changes or special features. Price can be with or without postage and framing included. Courier delivery can be arranged.

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